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WhatsApp in Yakut language: a seminar for journalists

  • Published in Society
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The Republican Media Center hosted a seminar for journalists writing in the Yakut language.  The event is organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies and the Institute for Humanitarian Research and Indigenous Peoples of the North of the SB RAS.

The seminar is being held for the sixth time. It identifies those mistakes that journalists make in their publications. But the main problem is the yakutization of words from Russian and foreign languages. It turns out that many are experiencing difficulties in this regard.

"Many new words appear in the Russian dictionary, many readers of Yakutia cannot understand the yakutized word. Therefore, journalists often indicate the original word in parentheses,” said Nadezhda Vasilieva, a researcher at the Institute of Humanitarian Studies and Indigenous Peoples of the North of the SB RAS.

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Abbreviations also cause difficulties for journalists. There are problems with the designation of foreign words. Journalists to specify the source from WhatsApp, do not know how to correctly write this word in the Yakut manner. Nadezhda Vasilieva says that according to the rules it will be bassaap. She also noted that thanks to new words, the language becomes richer and new combinations of sounds appear that have not yet been encountered in the Yakut language.

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First Deputy General Director of Sakhamedia Afanasy Noyev noted that it is worthwhile to make TV and Internet releases devoted to spelling and pronunciation of Yakut words for journalists: "We need to invite linguists and discuss the spelling of words. Thus, we would understand how correctly we speak and write. This is the only way we can develop our own language."