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Migrants will increase the population of Russia

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Russia due to the influx of migrants, can increase the population to 154 million people by 2036, Izvestiya cites the forecast by Rosstat.

Three variants of the development of the situation are considered: pessimistic, optimistic and average. Despite the big difference between them, the low forecast assumes a population decline of up to 138 million; all of them converge in the shortage of the able-bodied population. The overall growth will be achieved, according to the medium and high projections, due to migrants.

"Russia entered the period of unfavorable sex and age structure of the population, which was formed in the 1990s, when the birth rate declined sharply, mortality increased, especially at working age, the number of deaths exceeded the number of births,” said the press service of the Ministry of Labor.

Then the population decreased to 1 million a year, added the Ministry.

Experts believe that only attracting migrants can save the aging population of Russia.

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