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Ded Moroz’s Mail Has Started Working in Yakutsk

  • Published in Society
ded moroz
In the central post office of Yakutsk on Dzerzhinsky Street, 4 the Ded Moroz's (Grandfather Frost’s) Mail will be working till December 23. Residents and visitors of Yakutsk can get free cards from operators, buy stamps and send a letter to the residence of the main winter wizard, having put it down into a special mailbox.

Letters and cards with wishes and congratulations will be taken out of the box every day. In order to guarantee that all the messages will be delivered to Ded Moroz in Velikiy Ustyug in time and the wizard could send back his answer, it is necessary to write your address, index and the recipient's address correctly.

Send your letters to Ded Moroz to the official address: 162340, Russia, Vologda region, Velikiy Ustyug town, Ded Moroz's mail. The address of the residence is also written near the New Year's mailbox for your convenience. The index is shown on the website