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Aleksei Ryabtsevich: This was the best All-Russian meeting of Student Construction Teams!

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There have never been such a number of regions in the history of the All-Russian gathering of Student Construction Teams. Aleksei Ryabtsevich said this to YSIA. According to him, the event exceeded all expectations.

"The meeting was held on a record scale. We have never had representatives of all 74 regional headquarters in one and the same time and place. They all arrived despite the seemingly difficult climatic conditions and long distances. All arrived here with great interest and desire to get acquainted with Yakutia, with the pearl of our country,” stressed Aleksei Ryabtsevich.

The All-Russian meeting of student construction teams, which ended October 29 in Yakutsk, was dedicated to the end of the 58th working semester. Participants - best representatives of the youth movement - worked on more than 20 different events and venues. Among them - art festivals, professional skills competitions, master classes, plenary sessions and much more.

"All our expectations were justified, the meeting is simply excellent, and the organization is super. Separately, I note the authorities of the republic and the North-Eastern Federal University. Meetings, events, venues, the work of volunteers - everything was done at the highest level. Many thanks to Yakutia and the regional headquarters of the Yakut students' squads, who were great as hosts. You did it, and Yakutia was the best rally!" stressed the leader of youth movement.