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ALROSA starts free workers' health screening

  • Published in Society
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Until December 25, more than 6 thousand employees of ALROSA will be able to have their health checked free of charge. For them, the program will consist of two directions: "Prevention and early diagnosis of digestive system diseases" and "Men's health." This year the Company will spend about 30 million rubles for screening.

All medical examinations and consultations for the employees of ALROSA will be free of charge. For the organization of preventive medical examination (screening), the Company at its own expense has expanded the program of voluntary medical insurance.

Medical examinations will be conducted on the basis of ALROSA health centers and will cover four production sites: Udachny, Aikhal, Mirny and Lensk.  Screening is carried out by specialists of the SOGAZ international medical center, who have extensive experience in organizing professional examinations of workers of large enterprises with the purpose of preventing diseases.  ALROSA organizes the delivery of medical teams and high-tech equipment from St. Petersburg.

"Screening will identify early chronic non-infectious diseases, if any. Employees over the age of 45 are invited to the digestive examination; men over 40 are eligible for the "men's health" program. By the end of the year, it is planned to examine more than 6 thousand people. Next year, ALROSA plans to expand this program,” says director of the ALROSA medical center Yulia Kulakova.

Care for the health of employees is one of the most important areas of the social policy of the enterprise. For many years the Company has been implementing such corporate social programs as ‘Health’ and ‘Health and recreation of employees and their children.’ Last year, ALROSA spent over 1.3 billion rubles to finance them. The Company has dispensaries, sanatoriums, cooperates with the leading medical centers of the country.