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Three delegates of Yakutia were selected from 20,000 participants of XIX World Youth Festival to meet with Putin

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XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi gathered more than 20 thousand young people from 188 countries. Our countrymen were not just full participants in the events, but also demonstrated their business and professional qualities. And three Yakut delegates, despite the huge competition, managed to visit the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Anesthesiologist-emergency physician of the National Center of Medicine Valeria Fomina:

- During the Festival I visited the ‘Health’ scientific program, discussions, master classes, workshops, seminars and foresight sessions.

The "Ecology and Health" direction gathered 1600 people, and the foresight session - 40. Three of them (including me) were from Yakutia. Foresight session is a method of vision of the future against the background of formation of actual trends. In our group, there were many delegates from India, Cambodia, Finland, Belgium, Ghana, and Benin interested in health and ecology.

These days were intense and emotional in an atmosphere of good will and common to all the ideas to make the world better. I liked that the group was very attentive to my proposals, and everyone found something important for them. The result of the foresight session, to my surprise, was the formation of the manifesto, which was based on our ideas.

We also developed a project in the direction of "Health." We have learned the fact that the presentation would be attended by Vladimir Putin 24 hours before the meeting. He made general comments, singled out projects on ecology, civil aviation and health. Wished us success and self-development.

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Leading expert of the environmental safety department of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Yakutia Evgeniya Lutskan:

- At the Festival, I wanted to understand what I can do to save the environment, not limited to the territory where I grew up and live. And my expectations were justified 100%. Moreover, I heard the guys from other directions, their ambitious ideas and dreams of a better future. The ideas that were suggested by me, as well as participants from the team of ecologists and other 12 areas, formed the basis for the manifesto of the 2017 World Festival of Youth and Students. The meeting with Vladimir Putin made a very strong impression on me.

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YSIA journalist Nikolai Borisov:

- The three of us attended the foresight session and often worked late. It was really cool. We managed to develop an international project. Sometimes there were problems due to the language barrier, but difficulties were overcome, because we all spoke the same language of youth.

I was chosen to meet with Vladimir Putin in the direction of Breaking News. I made some news for RIA Novosti and other publications. Apparently, the organizers decided that the Yakut journalism was one of the best. These were very vivid impressions. We are proud that three people from Yakutia participated in a meeting with the President.

Vladimir Putin, speaking at the session of "Youth 2030. The image of the future" in the framework of the World Festival of Youth and Students, advised its participants to build applied and implemented plans that meet the needs of today.

The head of state asked the audience if they like the festival, and asked about the conditions of life. The conversation went beyond the general conversation, and young people from different countries began to ask the President questions related to Russia's foreign policy and bilateral cooperation with other states.