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Yakut educators take part in International Camping Congress

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These days Sochi hosts 11th International Camping Congress.  The Congress is attended by a delegation from our republic, which is represented by Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Yakutia Eduard KONDRATIEV, the head of the department of upbringing and additional education of children of the Ministry of Education and Science of Yakutia Olga YASHINA and the head of the children's health camp of the Secondary School No. 31 in Yakutsk, Iya VASILIEVA.

More than 1500 experts in the sphere of recreation and health improvement of children, representatives of countries from all continents take part in the work of the Congress. Experts from Turkey, Canada, USA, Venezuela, Japan, Australia and from other countries joined the Congress to share their experience.

The Congress is held under the slogan "We share happiness with children of the world" and is dedicated to significant and relevant topics in the work of the professional community, because the social effect of the activities of children's camps in the modern world is huge, without this cluster of education and upbringing, it is impossible to imagine any state in the world.

The First International Camping Congress was held in 1987. In Russia, the first Congress was held in 1997, exactly 20 years ago.

The plenary part of the Congress was opened by President of International Camping Fellowship John JORGENSON. In his speech, he noted that "over 30 years of iIternational Camping Congress, the best experience from around the world of the camping movement could be seen right here. Good traditions of experience exchange and joint development of the camping movement continue. The theme and the main message of the Congress "sharing happiness with children from all over the world" will help us together achieve our goals in the development of the camping movement around the world."

The delegation from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) shared experience in organizing recreation and improving children's health. For example, Eduard Kondratiev speaking at round tables on the issues of regulatory and legal support for the organization of children's recreation and their recovery and on monitoring and supporting the summer health campaign, noted some problem areas and made constructive proposals to improve the effectiveness of activities on the issues discussed.

Olga Yashina during the Conference "Industry of children's useful developmental rest: safety of children's recreation" made suggestions on improving the algorithms of inter-agency cooperation at the regional level.

The program of the Congress is extensive and varied.

Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilieva in her address to the participants of the Congress noted the following: "Today, special attention is paid to the issues of providing rest and improving children's health. Therefore, one of the primary tasks of the government is to establish a constructive dialogue with representatives of expert organizations, schools and parents' committees, as well as business circles in order to unite efforts to create conditions for quality and safe children's recreation."

As a result of the Congress, an extended meeting will be held on the organization of rest and health improvement in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), taking into account the recommendations developed during 11th International Camping Congress.

Press Service of the Ministry of Education and Science of Yakutia