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Yakutia has experienced three crises, now it is not as acute as the previous ones

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Yakutia experienced three crises: in 1998 (default), in 2008-2009 and in 2014. "Now the country is also experiencing a crisis, but not so acute. These are echoes of the crisis of 2014, plus various sanctions introduced,” says Director of the NEFU Financial and Economic Institute Aleksandr Kugaevsky. He told this to the NEFU students in the framework of the project "Open. Lectures," reports the M.K. Ammosov NEFU Press Service.

Aleksandr Kugaevsky noted, in his opinion, an interesting position of the republic on the structure of the extractive industry: "The diamond industry of Yakutia is developed and will go in this way, there is a supply of diamonds for the future. New gold deposits are being discovered. The coal industry is also developing: New deposits of coal are being developed and realized. An important role in the economic development of the republic should be played by the oil and gas industry."

"The diamond market is active. When the world is prosperous - people buy jewelry. Gold always plays with oil, if the price of oil falls, the cost of gold increases. And due to the fact that various cataclysms occur in the world market, we are able to balance thanks to this scenario,” said the Federal University professor.

The next guest of the students in the cycle of scientific and educational meetings of the NEFU "Open. Lectures "will be research professor Tuyara Gavrilieva. The lecturer will share her opinion about the future of the city and how to solve the problem of overpopulation.