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International Summer Diplomatic School in Yakutia

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The Small Academy of Sciences hosts International Summer Diplomatic School in the village of Oktyomstsy of the Khangalassky ulus (district) of Yakutia. Within ten days, 26 Chinese and 25 Russian schoolchildren will learn the basics of diplomacy. 15 children from Yakutia earlier participated in the republican contest for high school students "Future diplomat."

Egor Borisov, the head of Yakutia, noted the growing interest of the republic's youth to study in China during the meeting with Evgeny Tomikhin, Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, who visited Yakutsk.

Classes will be conducted in three languages: Russian, English and Chinese. The program for future diplomats consists of trainings, communicative and business games, meetings with experts. It is also planned to hold diplomatic games on different models of institutions of global governance and economic development - BRICS Summit, 2027Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Russian-Chinese Intergovernmental Commission.

As explained by the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Yakutsk, Nikolai Dyakonov, the project became possible thanks to the grant of the A.M. Gorchakov Fund for the Support of Public Diplomacy.


According to the head of the Department for External Relations of Yakutia, Vladimir Vasiliev, the main organizers of the project are the RepOffice of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Yakutsk, the Republican Ministry of Education and Science and the Department for External Relations of Yakutia.

The main topic of the Diplomatic School in Yakutsk is the issue of environmental protection. In the future, children could discuss the themes of Eurasian cooperation or the Arctic agenda.

Egor Borisov spoke about ‘Children of Asia’ International Sports Games, the 18th Asian Physics Olympiad (AFO-2017), the preparations for the International Intellectual Games to be held in 2018.

The head of Yakutia noted that Russia and China have a long history of interstate relations and requested Ambassador-at-Large of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Evgeny Tomikhin to support the holding of international events involving children, including summer diplomatic schools.


Evgeny Tomikhin noted that the project undoubtedly contributes to the rapprochement of the younger generation and will give impetus to the development of relations between the two countries. In his opinion, training in the International Summer School will allow young diplomats to analyze approaches to issues of interstate cooperation, identify points of contact and prospects for cooperation between the Russian Federation and the PRC, and offer solutions to various issues.