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Ysyakh in Moscow gathers ten thousand guests

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The traditional national state holiday of the Yakut people Ysyakh gathered about ten thousand people on the territory of the State Joint Museum-Reserve Kolomenskoye in Moscow.

The organizers of the festival were the Government and the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Government of Moscow, the Department for National Policy and Interregional Relations of Moscow, the Moscow House of Nationalities and the administration of the Kolomenskoye Museum-Reserve.

Traditionally Ysyakh was opened with a blessing ceremony - Algys. The delegation of the Verkhoyansk ulus of Yakutia, the ambassadors of the world's Pole of Cold, gave special color this time.

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Yakutia's Permanent Representative Yuri Kupriyanov welcomed the guests of the holiday: "You see that the sun shines brightly on this day, although it was raining before, maybe it makes sense for us to hold Ysyakh in the capital a little earlier, so that the warm summer would come to Muscovites earlIer. But, joking aside, we see how interest to the state national holiday of Yakutia grows from year to year.  And we are happy that the traditions of the Yakut people are evoking increasing interest on the part of the residents of the capital."

"The Yakut holiday in Moscow gathers thousands of people," said Vitaly Suchkov, head of the Department for National Policy and Interregional Relations of the Moscow Government. "And truly peace and interethnic harmony in our country are strengthened by such living events."

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Vitaly Suchkov read the greeting of Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, who annually sends warm words of congratulations to the Yakut people on the eve of Ysyakh: "I am confident that the current celebration will once again bring together thousands of participants and guests and will help to learn more about the unique culture of the Land of Olonkho."

Senator from Yakutia Aleksandr Akimov drew attention to the fact that Ysyakh was held Moscow for the eleventh time and every year causes increasing interest among its guests and residents.

On behalf of the Russian government, Deputy Minister for Development of the Far East Sergey Kachaev visited the holiday:"You will discover a new interesting world; you will learn that our Far East is not so far, it is here today, next to you, in this glade."

Vladimir Tarasov, director of the Moscow House of Nationalities, expressed his confidence that the Yakut holiday was a great event for Muscovites.

After the opening ceremony, competitions in national sports began. The participants were greeted by General Director of Kolmar Sergei Tsivilev.

The Festival of folklore genres was held for the first time. Everyone enjoyed khomus, toyuk and chabyrgah. And on stage at this time was a real holiday of national costumes - the peoples of Russia presented all the beauty of traditional clothes in their defile.

The current holiday of the Yakut people was dedicated to a significant historical date - the 385th anniversary of Yakutia's entry into the Russian state.

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