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Popular Russian films are now available to the blind in Yakutsk

  • Published in Society
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The book fund of the Yakut Republican Library for blind and visually impaired people has been enlarged with a collection of Russian films with audio description and subtitles.

Visitors and regular readers of the library can get acquainted with modern Russian films in a multimedia cinema hall, which regularly hosts screenings. Optionally, one can take home movies for personal viewing.

"For four years we have been supporting the social project, Cinema for the Blind and Deaf, within the framework of which specialists adapt conventional films, adding to them professional off-screen narration and subtitles, - says Director of the Yakut regional branch of MegaFon Aleksandr Kosterin. - Last year the first public film screening of such a film was held in one of the cinemas in Yakutsk. We are happy to help medically fragile people to be really closer to modern cinema."

"I am sure that films with audio description will be in demand among our visitors. I'm glad that the latest movies become available for special viewers. You are doing a very necessary and noble work, - says the Director of the Yakutsk Republican Library for the Blind, Elena Nakhodkina. - Before the advent of adapted films, our enthusiasts used to make their own audio tracks for short films. For instance, they adapted "The Mystery of Genghis Khan."