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Yukaghirs will read newspapers in their native language

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The first issue of the Odun Losilpe newspaper supplement (Yukaghir bonfires in the language of the forest Yukaghirs) was published in the district newspaper Kolyma News in Zyryanka. Recently, Editor-in-Chief of the Kolyma Pravda newspaper, Aleksey Kurilov, reported that such a supplement titled Chailledool (Dawn in the language of the tundra Yukaghirs) will be released in late May in the Lower Kolyma as well.

Publication of supplements in regional newspapers in the languages of forest and tundra Yukaghirs became possible due to the adopted resolution of the 5th Congress of the Yukaghirs. The resolution suggested the need for a print media publication in the disappearing language of a small ethnic group with the financial support of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

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Readers will be able to get acquainted with original culture, folklore, traditional outlook, as well as with interesting facts from the life history of the Yukaghir people, etc. Yukagir-Russian phrasebooks will help you to learn the language yourself, in which various sections will be presented. Also there is a rubric where creative works of Yukaghir authors of different ages will be presented.

The newspaper supplements will be published once a month with the participation of native speakers of the Yukaghir language.

Back in the 80's of last century in Nizhnekolymskiy region was a leaflet newspaper in the Yukagir language, Chaileduol.  Yukaghir writer and artist Nikolai Kurilov was the author and editor of this newspaper. He told the correspondent of Ilken that it was his personal initiative, so that the tundra Yukaghirs could read the news in their native language. He typed that newspaper on a typewriter and multiplied it through carbon paper.

According to the 2010 Census, the number of Yukaghirs in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is 1281 people.

Irina Kurilova, Ilken Newspaper

Picture of Nikolai Kurilov
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