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Yakutia is among the regions of Russia with the lowest death rate

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Over the past four years, the number of deaths in Yakutia has declined by 9.7% - to 8.4 permille. While births had risen to 16 permille.

"The death rate from diseases of the circulatory system in comparison with 2012 decreased by 16.8 % (from 443.1 to 368.7 centi permille). The death rate from neoplasms is lower than the average for the country by almost 1.5 times, however, in the dynamics for five years there was an increase by 3.7% (from 129.7 to 134.6 per 100 thousand of the population). The number of deaths from road accidents amounted to 6.6 people per 100 thousand of population, which is 40% less than in 2012,” - said the head of the Department of Curative and Preventive Care of the Ministry of Health of the RS (Y) Tatiana Romanova at the collegium April 20.

According to her, the positive dynamics of death rates from diseases testifies to the effective functioning of the healthcare system of the republic.

Based on the presentation, the panel recognized the work of the Ministry of Health for the previous year as satisfactory. The goals for 2017 are: implementation of the state guarantees program for providing citizens with free medical care, implementation of the "Development of Health Care of the RS (Y) for 2012-2019” program, as well as decrees of the head of the republic - "On measures to improve medical care and the quality of medical care" and "On measures to improve high-tech types of medical care and innovative methods of treatment."

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