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Yakut State Agricultural Academy will cooperate with State University of Lebanon

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Within the framework of the Moscow International Salon of Education, the Yakut State Agricultural Academy with the State University of Arts, Science and Technology in Lebanon signed an agreement on cooperation.

The event was attended by RF Deputy Agriculture Minister Ivan Lebedev, Chairman of the Rectors' Council of Arab Universities and representatives of the Lebanese University.

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Ivan Sleptsov, Rector of the Yakutsk Agricultural Academy, and Dr. Bashir Samaha, Rector of the University of Lebanon, came to an agreement on further joint work for the purpose of cooperation in educational, scientific, technical and innovative activities, ensuring the development of a partnership system between higher education institutions.

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The universities will work on the implementation of applied and exploratory scientific research and development in the field of exact, natural, technical, social and human sciences, interdisciplinary research and developments; creation of conditions for the exchange of ideas, information and technologies, as well as joint research and developments within the agreed priority areas.

After the conciliation procedures for cooperation, the joint plans of universities will be concretized.

Public Communications Department of the Yakut State Agricultural Academy