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Journalists returned from the press tour in Japan

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The press conference of the participants of 2nd international press tour was held in Yakutsk. This time journalists visited Japan - they got acquainted with the history, life and sights of the Land of the Rising Sun, visited the cities of Kamakura and Yokohama and admired the cherry blossom.

The first press tour took place in China in 2016. Then the trip was successful thanks to acquaintance with Chinese colleagues during the festival of journalists in Dagomys. The present trip was supported by Sitim Media Group and World of Travel Travel Agency. On March 27, a group of 22 Yakut journalists flew to Japan.

This press tour is the project of the Union of Journalists of Yakutia and its chairman Galina Bochkareva. The current delegation included editors of eight regional newspapers, representatives of the press services of ministries, departments, as well as NEFU, the press service of Sakhatransneftegaz, Keskil and Our University newspapers.

"Earlier in Tokyo were only two of the 22 members of the delegation. We have seen a lot of interesting things; we visited Japan in March, because we wanted to kill two birds with one stone: a visit to the editorial office of the Japanese newspaper and, of course, the famous cherry blossom. We have learned that the Japanese like not the pink, but the white cherry, because when its petals fall, it's very similar to snowfall,"- said Galina Bochkareva.

Journalists visited the editorial office of one of Japan's largest newspapers - the Tokyo Asahi Sibun and its printing complex. The visit was held thanks to an agreement with the Japanese mission in the Far East.

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"The reporter of the Tokyo newspaper visited Yakutsk to write a story about the cultivation of tomatoes in Japanese greenhouses, and we then agreed on a meeting. I was worried if there would be an interpreter, but everything went well, we were given a two-hour excursion through the editorial office," - the chairman of the Union of Journalists noted.

The Asahi Sibun newspaper is published twice a day - in the morning and in the evening - with a total circulation of 13 million copies, distributed in 40 countries of the world, including Moscow and the Far East. The editorial staff employs more than 1000 employees. The office is located on 16 floors and has its own helipad.

For the delegation from Yakutia, the publishing house staff conducted tour of the printing complex, showed the whole process of creating the newspaper with the latest technology.  “We also met with the editor of the international department, and learned about the relationship of this newspaper with Russia, asked how they covered the arrival of Vladimir Putin and Egor Borisov in Japan.”

The Japanese colleagues photographed the journalists of Yakutia and immediately created one page of the Asahi Sibun newspaper as a gift.

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Next time the Union of Journalists of Yakutia together with colleagues plans to visit Mongolia.