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NEFU and the University of Saskatchewan to open International Summer Institute

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NEFU and the University of Saskatchewan will open International Summer Institute for Nursing Education in the Arctic.

At the scientific symposium, within the Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW), the decision was made to establish Summer Institute on the basis of North-Eastern Federal University together with the University of Saskatchewan (Canada) for colleges of sister education in the Arctic.

The parties noted that residents of the Far East and Canada have similar problems: high incidence of tuberculosis, cardiovascular, oncological and infectious diseases, diabetes. "The work of our department has been presented in a session of public health in the Arctic. Since there are a lot of small settlements in Yakutia where, according to the existing position in health protection, mainly nurses work, whose education and qualifications are paid special attention,” - says Nikolai Dyachkovsky, Head of the Department of Nursing, Associate Professor of NEFU Medical Institute.

During the summit, participants considered the establishment of a common educational platform. "Given that the university curriculum of nursing department at the moment cannot be corrected, we offered initially to establish a joint program of Summer Institute. The proposal was accepted and supported, - the senior lecturer shares. - Also, negotiations have begun to establish a joint international master program." He noted that colleagues from Canada and Norway highly assessed the qualification level of NEFU nurses.

NEFU and the University of Canada have been cooperating since 2013. The Universities are cooperating on joint programs to upgrade the skills of medical personnel, as well as teaching students the basics of telemedicine.


Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) is the annual meeting of national and international organizations focused on conducting Arctic research, addressing the issues of the Arctic and Arctic science, involving not only the representatives of the Arctic states, but also of other interested countries.

By Aleksandra KURCHATOVA,  NEFU Press Service Https://