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Children's Rehabilitation Center in Yakutsk, built at the expense of ALROSA, will work in December

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The head of Yakutia, Egor Borisov, and the President of ALROSA, Sergei Ivanov, inspected the construction of the Republican Children's Rehabilitation Center for 100 beds and 150 daily visits.

The modern building, built with the funds of AK ALROSA, is planned to be put into operation in December this year.

"Under the contract of social and economic development, the Company annually transfers donations to Trust Fund of Future Generations of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) for the construction of facilities and community outreach. The construction of the Children's Rehabilitation Center started December 2014. The total cost of the project is about 787 million rubles. At present, 85% of construction and installation works have been completed," - said Sergei Mestnikov, Director General of the Trust Fund for Future Generations.

Today there are more than 6. 5 thousand disabled people and 10 thousand children with disabilities in the republic.

Sergei Ivanov asked how well the interior finish of the building would be performed, whether enough funds were allocated for the purchase of furniture and equipment.

Egor Borisov instructed Prime Minister of the republic Evgeny Chekin to begin work on the establishment of the institution and appoint Acting Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Development of the region Zinaida Maksimova the head of the Center, who is a highly qualified specialist in the field of children rehabilitation.

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