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Bull of Winter has lost the first horn

  • Published in Society
Biky srubili rog

Employees of the State Unitary Enterprise of Housing and Communal Services of RS (Yakutia) traditionally have cut down the horn of the ice Bull of Cold - symbol of the Yakut frost installed near the administrative building of the enterprise. Horn in the ice bull was cut down by Deputy Director General Yuri Sadovnikov.

According to the Yakut folk calendar, on February 12 the first horn of the Bull of Cold falls off. From this period it is getting warmer. Employees of housing and communal services attribute this action to the end of the first stage of the heating period.

"This symbolic event has become an annual tradition for us. We have sawn down the first horn of our ice Bull. On February 24 it will be deprived of the second horn. From today, strong cold gets weaker. For Housing and Communal Services and all citizens of the republic it is a joyful event, winter comes to an end," - says Yuri Sadovnikov.