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Yakutia officially declares Year of Ecology

  • Published in Society

On December 28, International Day of Cinema, Opera and Ballet Theater hosted the closing ceremony of the Year of Russian Cinema and the baton was passed to the Year of Ecology.

Minister of Culture of Yakutia Vladimir Tikhonov noted in his speech that the Yakut cinema this year "has reached a new level of development."

"The Yakut films are becoming increasingly popular in Russia and abroad, and successfully participate in Russian and international film festivals. This year, the republic opened more than a dozen movie theaters. We established the Board on the development of film industry under the regional government. At the federal level, with the participation of Yakutia two films are in the process of filming - "Constellation of Maria" and "Tygyn Darkhan," - the minister said.

Chairman of the organizing committee of the Year of Cinema, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksey Dyachkovsky handed a symbol of the Year of Ecology to Nature Protection Minister Sakhamin Afanasiev.

Ministry of Natural Resources Press Service