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Handbook for migrants

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The edition will contain necessary contacts and necessary legal information.

Handbook for migrants, which is being prepared for the release, will contain useful information about the legal aspects of the arrival of migrant workers in Yakutia, in particular, registration, employment, health care, according to the republic's government website.

"Separately, the directory will provide information on the bodies of state authority in the field of migration in the republic, contact data of centers to prepare for the exam in the Russian language, Russian history and Russian legislation, addresses and phones of centers of employment and international cooperation, and a number of national-cultural associations," - informed Tatiana Parnikova, the head of resource educational and methodological center in the sphere of national relations,  Kulakovsky House of Friendship of Peoples.

Today in Yakutia there are licensed training centers for teaching the Russian language, Russian history and basics of Russian legislation, testing of foreign citizens with the subsequent issuance of documents and certificates.

"Outreach classes on ‘Legal and socio-cultural education of migrant workers of far and near abroad’ have become a tradition for representatives of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, covering more than 100 people," - said Tatiana Parnikova.