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WhatsApp in Yakut language: a seminar for journalists

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The Republican Media Center hosted a seminar for journalists writing in the Yakut language.  The event is organized by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies and the Institute for Humanitarian Research and Indigenous Peoples of the North of the SB RAS.
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The story of how the Chukchi assimilated the Eskimos

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Geneticists from Magadan have conducted the first genetics screening of the “Arctic” mutations among the indigenous people of Siberia. In population of the Far North the evolutionary selection has been along the lines of the adjustment to the extreme climatic conditions as well as to the diet consisting of seal and whale meat and fat rich in fatty acids. As a result the so-called Arctic mutations that best fit such a lifestyle became established in the genotype of those people. In terms of biochemistry the most researched is the chromosome 11 mutation of the CPT1A gene.

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Residents of Yakutia are most romantic in Russia

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On February 14 the whole world celebrates the most romantic holiday - Valentine's Day. On the eve of Valentine's Day, the team of the CupoNation international startup decided to find out where in Russia the most romantic people live, and where the holiday is most popular.
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Canteen of the future highly appreciated

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The project of the school electronic canteen, which is being implemented in the educational institutions of Yakutsk, was highly appreciated at 18th international scientific and practical conference New Information Technologies in Education.
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Semyon Vinokurov: People in the North keep a positive outlook

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In Abyisk ulus, a constructive dialogue between the state authorities and the public was held within the framework of the annual governmental report, said Semyon Vinokurov, the head of the working group of the government of the republic - Minister of Transport and Road Management of Yakutia.
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Epiphany Day on shores of the Arctic Ocean

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More than 30 baptismal fonts, ice holes used for water consecration on Epiphany Day, will be organized in Yakutia this year, despite the 50-degree frost in some regions of the republic. It is assumed that about 60 thousand people will take part in bathing; the frost does not frighten them. Fonts are planned to be organized on the Lena River, the Pole of Cold and on the shores of the Arctic Ocean.
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Selfie made by Yakutsk resident goes viral

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Anastasia Gruzdeva from Yakutsk became an overnight success after she published an unusual selfie on her Instagram account.  Some users of the social networks call it Snow makeup.
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