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Ded Moroz’s Mail Has Started Working in Yakutsk

ded moroz
In the central post office of Yakutsk on Dzerzhinsky Street, 4 the Ded Moroz's (Grandfather Frost’s) Mail will be working till December 23. Residents and visitors of Yakutsk can get free cards from operators, buy stamps and send a letter to the residence of the main winter wizard, having put it down into a special mailbox.

Letters and cards with wishes and congratulations will be taken out of the box every day. In order to guarantee that all the messages will be delivered to Ded Moroz in Velikiy Ustyug in time and the wizard could send back his answer, it is necessary to write your address, index and the recipient's address correctly.

Send your letters to Ded Moroz to the official address: 162340, Russia, Vologda region, Velikiy Ustyug town, Ded Moroz's mail. The address of the residence is also written near the New Year's mailbox for your convenience. The index is shown on the website
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A Woman from Yakutia Has Won the Photo Contest "Rossiya Selskaya: Lyudi Truda"

A woman from the village Ulakhan-An of the Hangalassky ulus has won a photo contest "Rossiya Selskaya: Lyudi Truda " (“Rural Russia: Working People”).

Nadezhda Gromova's photos, as noted in the message, will be shown at the All-Russian People’s Front forum which will take place in Moscow on December 18-19.



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Kids Went to School in Oymyakon While It’s -50 Degrees Cold Outside

On November 23 thermometers in Oymyakon showed -50 degrees cold. However, according to the rules of the local Education Department concerning day-offs due to cold weather, lessons at schools were not cancelled.

“We declare school day-offs at -52 degrees cold for students from 1 to 5 grades. Today it was -50 degrees, that’s why all kids are still going to school” – the administration of the settlement has stated.
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R&D Institutes Of Yakutia Will Be Merged Into Unified Federal Center

The presidium of the Siberian branch (SB) of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS) has agreed on merging seven research institutes of Yakutia into a single unified center of federal importance.

It is planned that the new Unified Federal Center (UFC) will include the Yakut scientific center of the SBRAS, Institute of physics and technology problems of the North of the SBRAS, Institute of biological problems of kriolitozona of the SBRAS, Institute of problems of oil and gas of the SBRAS, Institute of mining of the Northof the SBRAS, the Yakut research institute of agriculture, Institute of space physics researches and aeronomy, Institute of humanitarian researches and problems of small ethnicities of the North of the SBRAS and also Institute of geology of diamond and precious metals of the SBRAS.

"The main goal behind creation of the UFC is preservation of unified control center of all basic and applied researches in the territory of the republic, and in the long term — strengthening of material resources, in particular, creation of the powerful center of collective use" — the chairman of the Yakut Science Center presidium  of the SBRAS Mikhail Lebedev has explained.

The complex research of resources of Yakutia Vladimir Putin spoke about in 2015 will become one of the main tasks of the center.
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Scientists Of Russia And France Are About To Create A Brand Of The Northern Diet Based On The Food Of Yakut People

1465329720 khaan
Scientists of the North-Eastern Federal University and the Tours city university are planning to create and popularize the Northern diet brand based on the research project “Ethnicity and culture of nutrition of the people of Yakutia”.

Scientists have presented the joint project which was approved by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. The head of the Center of cooperation with French-speaking countries of NEFU Isabella Borisova states that the research team, which includes medics, ethnographers, historians, sociologists and philologists, was formed in 2014. The big production started in summer of 2017.

One of the main parts of research are analyzing and revealing special features of the traditional nutrition of the Yakuts, Evens, Evenkis and Yukagirs. Transformation of people’s food culture and monitoring of metabolic profile considering current changes in diet are studied as well.

Scientists plan to popularize and make a foundation for a brand of the northern diet based on this research and experience of advanced countries. Experts are sure that the diet of Northern ethnicities which includes meat, fish and dairy products is truly the optimal and healthiest way of eating for local population.
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Photo: How Yakut Car Drivers Fight Against Severe Cold

The winter is starting to come to its full force, and stem of thermometer outside the window has already fallen below a mark of-40 degrees. Local car owners come up with various creative tricks to protect the "heart" of their cars from severe cold.

Here how the owner of the popular Toyota Land Cruiser 200 SUV saves his car from frosts:
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