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The Russian government intends to increase the population of the Far East

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According to Deputy Minister for Development of Russian Far East Sergey Kachaev, the regions of the Far East differ significantly in terms of population and demographic situation, 89 percent of the population of Russian Far East. live in five of them - in Yakutia, Primorski and Khabarovsk Krais, the Amur and Sakhalin Oblasts.

RAPP: Business is independent

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July 19-20, the 22nd annual meeting of the Russian-American Pacific Partnership (RAPP) was held in Yakutsk for the first time, aimed at enhancing business ties between the regions of the two countries.

A platform for dialogue: Yakutsk hosts XXII meeting of RAPP

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22nd annual meeting of the Russian-American Pacific Partnership was opened in Yakutsk today, July 19. Such a meeting is held in the republic for the first time. The participants of the event noted that RAPP is a productive platform for direct dialogue between governments, business and scientific circles of the Far Eastern regions of the Russian Federation and the western US states.

Dmitry Sazhin: RAPP - mutual interest of Yakutia and the USA

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The meeting of the Russian-American Pacific Partnership in the territory of Yakutia proves that there is a mutual interest between the US west coast and the region. This was stated by Deputy Director of the Department of Europe and North America of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia Dmitry Sazhin at the opening of the Forum in the capital of the republic on July 19.

Tax benefits will help develop tourism in Russian Far East

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On Tuesday the Council of Federation Committee on Social Policy approved changes to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation in terms of creating favorable conditions for the implementation of tourist and recreational activities in the Far Eastern Federal District, TASS reports.