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Vladimir Putin: It is necessary to ensure the study of native languages, including Yakut

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"We do not have the issue of inter-ethnic relations. Our goal is to create equal conditions for all children for life and education. If people know their national language, but will lag behind in Russian - this would be bad for children living in the Republic of Tatarstan. But precisely it is necessary to ensure the study of native languages, not only of Tatar, but also of Mari, Chechen, and Yakut. This is our pride, our wealth," said Vladimir Putin.

Egor Borisov Has Signed the Decree on the Announcement of 2018 as The Year Of Assistance In Population’s Employment in Yakutia

On December 2 the head of Yakutia Egor Borisov has signed the decree "About the Announcement of 2018 in the Sakha Republic as the Year of Assistance in population’s employment". The document is published on Tuesday on the website of state agencies.

The decree has defined priority problems of the Year of assistance in population’s employment in the Sakha Republic: increase in labor employment of the population, improvement of training system according to requirements of economy and the social sphere of the Sakha Republic, increase in labor mobility of local shots, improvement of public service employment of population.

Egor Borisov Has Announced 2018 as the Year of Assistance in Population Employment of Yakutia

On November 25 The Head of Yakutia Egor Borisov in his annual message to the State Meeting (Il Tumen) and general public has announced 2018 as the Year of Assistance in Population Employment of Yakutia.

According to Egor Borisov, 43% of residents of the republic consider issues of employment and unemployment to be the major problem, wherein the most concerned by that problem are villagers.

"The time has come to regard the solution of problems in the field of population’s work and employment as the matter of paramount importance. Therefore today I report the decision to announce 2018 as the Year of assistance in the population employment of the Sakha Republic", – the head of the republic has told and has charged the government of Yakutia to develop and approve the Plan of measures on carrying out the Year of assistance in employment until the end of the year.

"Within the Year’s framework we will lay the foundation for systematic work in this direction that I’m sure will have a positive impact on many aspects of lives of residents of Yakutia and, of course, on our economy", – the head of the republic has expressed his confidence.

Yakutia takes part in XIV Strategic Forum in St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg hosts "Strategic planning in the regions and cities of Russia: Tools and implementation resources" All-Russian Forum. More than a thousand participants from 60 regions of Russia, a number of governors, 12 State Duma deputies, representatives of federal authorities, and guests from 21 countries of the world take part in it.