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International scandal due to the incident in Yakutsk: Zbigniew Eckert connects foreign ministries of Russia and Poland

  • Published in Politics
Members of the Polish delegation visited Yakutsk at the invitation of the Ministry of Industry of Yakutia. Eight of them were forced to pay fines for violating visa regulations, reports SakhaLife.

Immediately after the round table held on October 16 at the sixth floor of the building of the Ministry of industry of Yakutia, all members of the Polish delegation were taken to the Federal Migration Service of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).Having checked their documents, the Federal Migration Service employees imposed fines on eight members of the Polish delegation, because their papers indicated, that they came to Yakutia for tourism purposes.While they were to havebusiness visiting visa, SakhaLife was told in the Federal Migration Service.

Another anonymous source contacting with the Polish delegation, notes that Mr. Zbigniew Eckert does not intend to leave the incident without attention.First Secretary of the Polish Embassy in Moscow Zbigniew Eckert, head of the Polish delegation in Yakutia, stressed that the Russian Federation Consular employees are responsible for issuing tourist visas.Since the members of the Polish delegation honestly entered a destination - participation in a roundtable at the invitation of the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The source also said that the Polish Association in Yakutia "Polonia", headed by Mrs. Valentina Szymanska very warmly welcomed by the Polish delegation. After reviewing the submitted development plans, Polish industrialists promised to help with the financing of the Polish national groups in Yakutia.

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