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8.000 foreigners arrived in the Far East by e-visa

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A simplified visa regime was used by 8.000 foreign citizens from 14 countries

The most active were residents of China (about 5.5 thousand) and Japan (almost 2.3 thousand persons). This is reported by the press service of the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Far East.

"Foreign investors and tourists can quickly and without delay apply for an electronic visa and arrive in Primorski Krai, Kamchatka and Sakhalin," said Russian Minister for Far Eastern Development Aleksandr Galushka.

118 citizens of Singapore, 31 Indian citizens, 16 citizens of the DPRK, 12 citizens of Saudi Arabia, 9 citizens of Bahrain, 8 citizens of Mexico, 6 citizens of Turkey, 4 citizens of Algeria, 4 citizens of Iran, 3 UAE citizens, 2 citizens from Kuwait and 2 citizens of Morocco used e-visa for visiting the Russian Far East.

A total of almost 13.000 electronic visas were issued.

The law on the validity of an electronic visa at other airports in the Far East (including Yakutsk) is under consideration by the State Duma.