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Mayor of Yakutsk invites Tajikistan to ‘Cities and People’ International Conference


Within the the official visit of the delegation of Tajikistan to Yakutsk, on March 29 Mayor of Yakutsk Aisen Nikolaev met with Consul General of the Republic of Tajikistan in Novosibirsk Zardi Shamsiddin Kurbonzoda.

Representatives of the Department for External Relations of the RS (Y) and representatives of the Tajik community ‘Somoniyon’ also took part in the meeting.

Welcoming the guests, Aisen Nikolaev noted that Russia and Tajikistan are linked by long-standing friendly relations, and expressed confidence that in the future they will continue. The head of Yakutsk stressed that Yakutsk has always been tolerant, and respects the culture and traditions of other nations. But they, in turn, must respect the traditions and culture of Yakutia and the people who live here. This is the only way to achieve mutual understanding.

In turn, Mr. Kurbonzoda thanked the city authorities for the warm welcome. He also noted the deep friendly relations that have been preserved between Russia and Tajikistan.

The Consul General expressed the hope that the meeting will help to establish new ties both between the regions and between the cities of Yakutia and Tajikistan.

"There was a time when we all lived in one country, these links have been preserved and we want them to be strengthened and developed," he said.


Zardi Shamsiddin Kurbonzoda also agreed with the view that mutual understanding between peoples can be achieved only when there is respect for the way of life and the laws of each other.

The two parties agreed that special attention should be given to the development of cooperation in the cultural, scientific, tourist spheres and expressed mutual readiness to act in this direction. Summing up the meeting, Aisen Nikolaev invited representatives of the Consulate General of Tajikistan in Novosibirsk to take part in the International Conference ‘Cities and People’, as well as in the national holiday Tuymaada Ysyakh 2018, which will be held in Yakutsk in June.