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US Ambassador to Russia is ready to dive into the ice-hole in Yakutia

  • Published in Politics
jon huntsman

US Ambassador to Russia John Huntsman is positive about the proposal of the Interfax Agency to dip into the ice hole for water consecration on Epiphany Day in Yakutia next year at a temperature below -60 degrees.

"It depends on who of the high-ranking representatives of Russia will join me!" - said the head of the US diplomatic mission.

According to the ambassador, he liked the Epiphany bathing in the New Jerusalem Monastery, Izvestia reports. "I liked it. And I really respect Russian people. Wherever I go, I meet Russians, and they want to talk, they want to be friendly and want to hear about the United States, they want to compare our approaches," the ambassador said.

"My dialogue with the Russian government sometimes runs into difficulties, sometimes I'm upset that we do not have doors that open enough. But I really like the Russian people. It's true. Participating in the Epiphany tradition, I felt that I was part of something important and intimate for Russian," said Jon Huntsman.
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