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Vladimir Putin: It is necessary to ensure the study of native languages, including Yakut

  • Published in Politics
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"We do not have the issue of inter-ethnic relations. Our goal is to create equal conditions for all children for life and education. If people know their national language, but will lag behind in Russian - this would be bad for children living in the Republic of Tatarstan. But precisely it is necessary to ensure the study of native languages, not only of Tatar, but also of Mari, Chechen, and Yakut. This is our pride, our wealth," said Vladimir Putin.

Note that yesterday, December 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin held his 13th annual news conference.
According to the forecast of Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov, "the pre-election campaign, which is about to begin, and the fact that the President announced his intention to run for presidency again, leave a mark on the press conference of this year." 1640 journalists were accredited to the event.