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Working Group on Climate Change created within the Northern Forum

  • Published in Politics
climate change group in NorthernForum
The group includes experts from Russia, Finland, Iceland and the United States.

The Working Group on Climate Change is created within the framework of the international non-governmental organization "Northern Forum" with the involvement of experts from Russia, Finland, Iceland, and the United States. The head of the External Relations Department of Yakutia, the chairman of the working group Vladimir Vasiliev told TASS about this.

"Now an international group of experts is being formed from Finland, Iceland, the United States, Russian regions - members of the organization, as well as leading experts on this issue from other regions of the country. The work of the group is aimed at assisting the regions in developing plans for adapting economies to changing environmental conditions. The backbone of the working group will be formed before the meeting of the General Assembly of the Northern Forum, the date to be determined," said Vladimir Vasiliev.

According to the chairman of the working group, in the regions that are members of this non-governmental organization, the problems caused by global climate processes are acute. "The most acute problems are the development of regional infrastructure, planning of the settlement system, which is associated with increased natural disasters," he said. Vasiliev gives examples from the regions of the Far East, where new settlements appear in connection with the implementation of the "Far Eastern hectare" program. "We need to consider and plan where to open new lands for development in new settlements, so as not to harm the environment," he said.

The goal of the working group is to develop recommendations for regional governments aimed at adapting to changing climate conditions, the agency's interlocutor added. "We hope that the recommendations will activate the regional governments to develop measures for adaptation to climate change," Vasiliev added.

The Northern Forum is an international non-governmental organization of the northern regions formed at the initiative of the regional governments of Hokkaido (Japan), Alaska (USA), Magadan and Kamchatka Regions in 1991 at the conference "Cooperation in a Changing World" in Anchorage, Alaska. In 1992, the Northern Forum was accredited to the UN as an NGO and received observer status in the Arctic Council. Members of the organization are the northern regions of Russia, Iceland, the United States, and South Korea.