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Russian-Chinese ties to top Russian premier's visit agenda, says expert

  • Published in Politics
Expert notes there are some aspects in bilateral relations that require political will

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev will exchange views with Chinese leaders on bolstering ties between the two countries during his visit to Beijing scheduled for October 31-November 2, Vladimir Petrovsky, Chief Research Fellow at the Centre for Russian-Chinese Relations Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute for Far Eastern Studies, said on Thursday.

"The focus will be on the bilateral agenda," he said at the Moscow-Beijing video conference entitled "China after the congress of the Communist Party of China: Should changes be expected?" "The 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party that preceded that visit should provide a fresh impetus to our relations."

According to the expert, during the talks, the parties will also bring up the issue of Russia’s involvement in China’s One Belt, One Road initiative." "I would expect a detailed exchange of views and dialogue on Russia’s participation in this project," he noted. "The negotiation process proceeds along two trajectories, specifically, the harmonization of Eurasian integration with that initiative and Russia’s participation in the onshore part of this course. Perhaps, the parties will feel like discussing that."

Petrovsky also drew attention to the fact that "there are some aspects" in bilateral relations, "which require political will." The introduction of visa-free travel between Russia and China or the simplification of the existing procedures had been discussed for several years. "In general, [we have] both issues related to prospective ties and some things that are ready to be signed," he noted.