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Ministry of Economic Development is considering the capital transfer beyond Urals

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The project of moving the capital from Moscow to the Urals was transferred to the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia. This was told RIA Novosti on Sunday, August 20, by the author of the document, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Demography, Migration and Regional Development Institute Yuri Krupnov.

The answer was yes. The reply says that the document was sent to the Ministry of Economic Development, which, as I understand it, should give an answer later.

Yuri Krupnov

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of Demography, Migration and Regional Development

Earlier Krupnov suggested that the Moscow mayor hold a discussion on the transfer of the capital. "I am sure that Sergei Sobyanin will agree, and soon we are going to have a debate!" he wrote on his page in the social network "VKontakte" in response to Sobyanin saying that the transfer of the capital is a "brilliant" idea.

On August 19, it became known that Krupnov sent a doctrine to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which contained a proposal to move the capital of the country beyond the Urals. According to the official, Russia is "hypercentralized": the Moscow region "absorbed almost a fifth of the total Russian population," and national development is focused only on 15-25 Russian cities, which are home to over 50 percent of Russians. For more effective development of the country, he advises to move away from the economy concentrated in Moscow to the development of the whole country, especially the Far East and Siberia.