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RAPP: Business is independent

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July 19-20, the 22nd annual meeting of the Russian-American Pacific Partnership (RAPP) was held in Yakutsk for the first time, aimed at enhancing business ties between the regions of the two countries.

Derek Norberg, President and founder of the US-Russian Relations Council, Executive Director of the Russian-American Pacific Partnership (RAPP), works with the Ministry of Commerce, the State Department and the US Embassy in Moscow, the Russian Ministries of Economic Development and Foreign Affairs, as well as with the regional administrations of the Far East.

First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of the Republic Aleksei Struchkov said in his speech: "Yakutia occupies second place in the Far East in terms of export volume, the USA occupies only 8th place in the far abroad countries after Belgium, Israel, India, China, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates and Japan. Of course, these are very modest indicators. But I am sure that the existing potential for foreign economic cooperation, our territorial proximity and good-neighborly relations will allow us to increase the foreign trade turnover between our regions in the near future."

The Minister of Economy identified several promising areas of cooperation, including energy, innovation and information technology, tourism and transport infrastructure.

As Executive Director of RAPP Derek Norberg noted, the unique format of the event in the context of complex Russian-American relations allows the formation of a separate agenda: "Due to its remoteness and many other features, the Pacific region is less prone to negative trends than the Euro-Atlantic one. This gives an opportunity for the development of foreign economic relations at the regional level."

The US Consul General in Vladivostok, Michael Keays, also noted the independence of the RAPP format as one of the factors of work effectiveness: "Business, especially in the US, is very independent. First and foremost, it looks at its own interests and seeks prospective development paths. That is why RAPP is one of the effective sites where business itself forms the agenda."

The participants of the plenary meeting expressed mutual interest and readiness for the forthcoming dialogue.

Press Service of the Ministry of Economy of the RS (Y)