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Aleksei Struchkov: RAPP is to expand cooperation between Russia and USA

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22nd meeting of the Russian-American Pacific Partnership (RAPP) in Yakutsk is intended to expand trade and investment cooperation between the regions of the Russian Federation and the US states. This was stated by First Vice-Premier - Minister of Economy of the republic Aleksei Struchkov.

"Relations between our two countries are at a low ebb, but I'm sure that RAPP will give a new impetus to the expansion of trade and investment cooperation between the Far Eastern regions of the Russian Federation and the states of the western coast of the United States,” said Aleksei Struchkov.

In particular, they discussed the perspective directions for cooperation. Struchkov noted that the experience of Alaska in the introduction of small hydroelectric and solar power plants could become very useful for the republic, taking into account the similarity of geographic and other conditions: "The construction of renewable energy facilities is important in order to reduce fuel costs, which makes the erection of such facilities cost-effective."

He said that in the near future in Yakutsk it is planned to launch a high technologies park and an IT park that will participate in the formation of a research and production complex in the sphere of high technologies. "I think that within the framework of these projects we could establish cooperation with Silicon Valley," the First Deputy Prime Minister stressed.

According to him, the republic is ready to offer to the American travelers ecological, extreme and event tours, which are based on the unique natural, climatic features of the region: "The summer flight Yakutsk - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Anchorage (Alaska) could promote the emergence of joint tourist products and the exchange of tourists between our regions."

Struchkov said that the use of the Northern Sea Route for mutual commodity exchange and implementation of projects in the Arctic zone of the republic could become a promising area in the sphere of transport complex. There is interest in the field of small aircraft: "It's no secret that in Alaska there are more than 12,000 small aircraft, about 1,200 flight strips and 270 airlines. This significant experience could be very useful in Yakutia, as aviation is single option transport in our northern areas."

The head of the Ministry of Economy specified that this is only part of the projects within the framework of hypothetical cooperation. "Yakutia has accumulated experience of cooperation and joint projects with foreign investors in the gas industry, energy, communal complex, education, culture. Our mining and energy companies have long-standing ties with such giants of the US industry as Caterpillar and General Electrics," concluded Aleksei Struchkov.

The Russian-American Pacific Partnership was established in 1995. The activities of RAPP are aimed at developing trade and investment cooperation between the Far Eastern regions of Russia and the Pacific states of the United States. Currently, it is a bilateral forum between the private and public sectors to identify and overcome obstacles to business and commercial cooperation.