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How will Yakutia develop in the coming years?


The head of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Egor Borisov, spoke about the principles according to which the region will develop in the coming years at the meeting with the leaders of the executive and representative bodies of the Yakut Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) of different years. The event was dedicated to the Day of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the 95th anniversary of the formation of the YaSSR and the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of Yakutia.

These events, according to Egor Borisov, are a good opportunity to look back and analyze the path traveled by the republic, to see the results that have been achieved, and what remains to be done seriously.

According to Egor Borisov, having headed the republic, he defined for himself several key goals that needed to be realized.

Firstly, it is the development of civil society. Public associations were established throughout the republic, and the number of NGOs to consolidate the Yakut population increased. It is necessary that people actively participate in life of the republic, express their position on significant issues, and have the opportunity to influence the adoption of important decisions.


Another priority is the consistent development of industry, which is the basis of the entire economy of Yakutia. Egor Borisov recalled that in 2010 the consolidated budget of the region was 100 billion rubles. Today, it almost doubled, and in many respects this result was achieved thanks to the rhythmic development of industrial enterprises, the arrival of large investors in Yakutia.

Egor Borisov also spoke about the interaction with the federal center to raise additional funds to the budget of the republic and co-financing of many state programs.

Speaking about social obligations, IL Darkhan emphasized that the authorities of the republic will continue to provide the maximum possible support to teachers, doctors and other employees of the budgetary sphere.

Support of the village is also very important. According to Borisov, the law on agriculture, adopted in the republic, will contribute to this. The head noted that recently the outflow of the rural population had been relatively rapid, but joint efforts through the adoption of a number of political decisions made it possible to stop the negative trend.

Today, in rural areas, we are building houses, schools, kindergartens, social institutions, roads; young specialists are arriving to work in various sectors. The development of the capital of the republic is another priority.  For this purpose, a separate strategy was approved for the period up to 2032, goals and tasks were defined. From the republic's budget, Yakutsk receives tens of billions of rubles for the construction of social facilities, the improvement of territories, and the development of the economic potential of the growing city. The program for the resettlement of citizens from dilapidated housing is continuing in the republic. Today it is fulfilled by 70%, by the end of this year it will be fully completed.

Among the issues that concern him personally and require additional attention, Egor Borisov mentioned the struggle against drunkenness and corruption. In his opinion, it is necessary to create the conditions of intolerance in society towards these negative manifestations.

In general, as the head of Yakutia said, the republic is the leader in the Russian Federation in many socio-economic indicators and is approaching its centenary with worthy results that were achieved by the efforts and work of several generations of leaders.

Photo courtesy: Andrei Sorokin (YSIA)