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The Minister names the priorities of education development in Yakutia

The Ministry of Education and Science is developing proposals for Strategy for Development of Yakutia until 2030, according to the website of the state bodies of Yakutia. According to Minister Vladimir Egorov, new relations in the field of education should be formed on the basis of a public request, examination of educational programs and educational activities of the community of students, parents and local businesses.

The Ministry considers it necessary to provide affordable and quality additional education. An important trend in the development of education should be its continuity, when the level of professional success of a person depends on the timely deepening new knowledge and competences. For the purposes of continuing vocational education, it is supposed that from the preschool age it is planned to conduct targeted career-oriented work focused on the local labor market.

The Ministry intends to continue the systematic work to improve the social status of the teacher. One of the main objectives is to achieve full coverage of preschool educational institutions for children under three years, including support for entrepreneurial initiatives. The ministry plans to develop and implement its own programs to support gifted and talented children at the municipal level.

One of the tools for public participation in educational activities is the introduction of an independent evaluation of the quality of education and the inclusion of an effective social contract in the criteria.