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Migration Amnesty for compatriots overseas

  • Published in Politics

In the coming year, foreign citizens defined as compatriots by the Russian legislation expect a number of migration indulgences. Up to an amnesty for those who live in Russia illegally. In particular, the compatriots should be subject to it, as well as people who were born on the territory of Russia, work here and pay taxes, Izvestia reports.

The issue was discussed last week at a joint meeting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Council, the Ministry of Labor and the Federal Agency for Nationalities. They are now studying the proposals on migration indulgences.

According to Russian law compatriots are considered people "as a rule belonging to the nations historically residing on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well those who have made a free choice in favor of the spiritual, cultural and legal ties with the Russian Federation, persons whose relatives in the direct ascending line had previously lived on the territory of the Russian Federation." Among them there are citizens of the former Soviet republics.
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