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Best Demographic Dynamics in the Far East of Russia

  • Published in Politics
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"The main consolidated result of the development of the Far Eastern macro-region in 2016 can be considered the best demographic dynamics in 25 years,"- said Minister for Development of the Far East Aleksandr Galushka in his speech before the deputies of the State Duma, the Ministry's press service reports.

According to the Minister, as compared to 2015 the outflow of population from the Far East decreased by 1.8 times and 2.9 times compared to 2014. Currently, the concept entered for the signature of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, which provides for an increase in population of the region by 2025 from current 6.2 to 6.7 million.

In case of the adoption of the concept residents of the Far East who gave birth to the second, third child should be given tax breaks. In addition, the document provides targeted measures to reduce mortality. As well as measures to encourage migration within Russia, Russian citizens, especially young people, to the Far East.

In addition, a special role in increasing the number of people plays the law "On the Far Eastern hectare," which allows Russian citizens to receive for free a vacant hectare of land in the Far East. At present more than 10 million Russian citizens expressed their interest in this program.

Nikolai Kychkin