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Hunters Community of Yakutia supports the Baikal Fur Auction

Soboliniya aukcion

Outfitting companies of Yakutia will take an active part in 1st Baikal International Fur Auction, which will take place March 21-26 in Irkutsk. Sable will be the main product presented at the auction. Today, the republic accounts for 20% of valuable fur produced in the country.
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In Yakutia, more than 800 wolves eliminated

volk Copy

Last year in the republic within the framework of the protection of farm animals the hunters killed over eight hundred wolves. In GoskomArktiki believe that the successful fight against predators in the north of Yakutia will help increase the number of domestic reindeer.
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Greenpeace calls on people to protect cedars of Yakutia

Save cedar forests

Leading environmental organizations have criticized the new rules for timber harvesting, which allow industrial logging in cedar forests throughout Siberia and the Far East. Greenpeace Russia appealed to its supporters to sign a petition to the head of Ministry of Natural Resources Sergey Donskoy demanding the return of the old rate of logging in cedar forests.
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Yakut Scientists Awarded Disney Fund Prize

Grus leucogeranus

Following the results of 2016 researcher of the Institute of Biological Problems of Cryolithozone Sergey Sleptsov, veteran of reserve management and studies Ivan Danilov and "Sterkh" Yakut Fund were awarded "Heroes of Nature Protection" Prize by Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. The award is presented to representatives of the local population for their dedication to the preservation of rare species of animals and the involvement of society in the protection of nature.
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2 new SPNTs of federal significance in Yakutia

In 2017 there will be two specially protected natural territories of federal significance in Yakutia. The Lena Pillars will become National Park; in addition, the New Siberian Islands will receive the status of the state reserve, currently included in the Lena Delta resource reserve. Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology Sergei Donskoy said about this in an interview to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta."

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