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Lovely "Sinyaya" - through photographer’s eyes

  • Published in Nature
The Nature Park "Siine" is located in the southeastern part of the Central Siberian Plateau on the territory of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).For tens of kilometers stretch wondrous rocky river-banks called "Pillars" up to 70-100 meters high, forming figures of the most intricate shapes.Here there is an amazing combination of magnificent places, creating fabulous scenes of nature.


More than a thousand streams and rivulets running down to the Siine river from the hills and peaks of the Lena plateau dissect terrain with deep gorges and picturesque valleys.In the Siine river basin there are about 3300 of small and large lakes.There white cranes nest and hatch - Siberian Cranes, which are considered to be sacred birds by the Sakha people.The territory of the park with its untouched forests, meadow prairies with tall grass is rich in wildlife.There are such cloven-hoofed animals as musk deer, roe deer, elk and reindeer, and predators – wolf and bear.The park is known for its beautiful rocky outcrops – the Sinskiye Pillars.There, in the area of the Matta river the cave paintings are found, the so-called “pisanitsy”, petroglyphs dating back to the Neolithic and the Bronze Age.At all times the area of ​​the park was characterized by richness in natural resources and beauty of the landscapes.
The "Sinyaya" from time immemorial is considered to be the Beauty of Nature and is famous for landscape originality.A special attraction of the park - the presence of pristine areas, such sites which are not experienced a human impact, almost no one of them are preserved in Central Yakutia.

One can preserve this unique wealth only from the perspective of humanistic, spiritual, social, economic, moral, educational and patriotic priorities.The future demands from us intelligent and honest understanding of the needs and problems of the time, only in this case, created with great effort in difficult times, the park will take its rightful place in the environmental system of the Republic and contribute to the ecological improvement of Yakutia.

The Natural Park (Aan Ayylgy) "Sinyaya" - is not only a major support for the biosphere of the region, but also the exponent of our civilization.This is, first of all, our common priceless treasure, our pride and our national consciousness.Aan Ayylgy "Sinyaya" is the root that connects each resident with pristine nature. Communication with it is the most important factor of education of responsibility.

In the park the differential mode of protection and use is established based on local natural, historical, cultural and social peculiarities. According to it, on the territory the following areas are identified: a protected zone, a limited recreational activities area and the area of traditional land use.


In fine summer days, a well-known photographer Viktor Semyonov - professional in his field, surprised us by interesting pictures.Each of his photographs is a series with a long story. Nature gives us such unique colors and pictures.It is unfortunate that in the constant fuss and eternal race for material wealth, we do not see such an eye pleasing moments.Thanks to the enormous and laborious work of photographer Viktor Semyonov, we have the opportunity to digress a bit from day to day problems and admire the pictures of Nature.