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Yakutia’s version of permafrost protection

  • Published in Nature
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The Chairman of the State Duma (Il Tyumen) of the RS (Y) Aleksandr Zhirkov today gives a speech on the legislative initiatives of the Yakutia parliament on the environmental direction, in particular, on the draft federal law on the protection and rational use of permafrost at a meeting of the Public Council of the Ecology Forum.

The bill proposes to introduce the state registration of factors affecting the state of permafrost, and regularly take into account the level of their impact. The procedure for monitoring, as well as oversight mechanisms, in particular state and public, is defined. It is proposed to normalize the impact on the state of permafrost, as well as determine the requirements for economic and other activities that affect the state of permafrost soils.

The draft law also reflects economic mechanisms, for example, payment for impact on the state of permafrost. The responsibility for violation of the legislation in the field of protection of permafrost is to be introduced. In the event of a change in the state of permafrost soils that threaten the life and health of people, measures are envisaged to protect the population.

On October 4, 2017, the bill was supported by the participants of the General Meeting of the Parliamentary Association The Far East and TransBaikalia.

The disappearance of the permafrost will lead to significant problems with the infrastructure of the Arctic cities, which is also worn out. In the regions it is believed that, without waiting for these changes, it is necessary to start taking into account the possible consequences of the disappearance of the permafrost already at the planning and design stage when building new buildings and roads.

60% of the territory of Yakutia is in the permafrost zone. According to scientists, in connection with global warming, its annual defrost occurs. In the republic, more than 80% of the plain lands suffer from these processes, where the agricultural areas are located.

9th International Forum Ecology is taking place in Moscow March 22 - 23. In the work of one of the leading public platforms that form the benchmarks for the state policy in the sphere of environmental protection, 1.200 representatives from 70 regions of Russia and 10 foreign countries take part.

The main thematic areas of the forum are the reduction of the negative impact of industry on the environment, the creation of an effective waste management system, the introduction of green technologies, the protection and reproduction of bioresources, etc.