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Nyurba Ore Mining and Processing Plant for clean Markha River

  • Published in Nature
Diamond quarry

One of the environmental trends in 2015-2016 was a scheme of thickening of tailing. For today tails thickening site operates at the Nakyn ore field.

This is a separate shop with ten employees, where people work in shifts. There are filtermen , bunkermen and conveyor workers.

The method of dewatering of pulp from sewage of the Ore Mining and Processing Plant is applied. Water is sent back to the production cycle, and solid waste is sent to the dumps. Thus, the equipment operating here prevents the impact of dirty water on the environment.

This is a great achievement and a significant contribution of Nyurba Plant in the field of nature conservation. As a result, contaminated water circulates in a closed mode. This mode of operation is a reliable way to protect the Markha River from contaminated water.

Stanislav Alekseev, Mirny