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In Yakutia, individual lakes will be anchored exclusively for artificial fish farming

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As a result of auctions, individual lakes will be fixed for 10 years only for the purpose of their stocking with the prospect of further receipt of marketable products that will be private property, informs the  Lensky Territorial Administration of Rosrybolovstvo (Federal Agency for Fishery).

"We are talking only about artificial fish farming, and these lakes cannot be used for any other purposes. In case of non-use of this reservoir for the purposes of fish farming (aquaculture) for two consecutive years, the agreement for the use of the fish-breeding area is terminated,” said the head of the Lensky Territorial Administration of Rosrybolovstvo  Oleg Kuzmin.

He added that when conducting trades, all users are initially in the same conditions and here the one who offers a higher amount will have the advantage. In the future, no one has the right to fish without the user's consent, as this is his property.

As explained in the Agency, mainly lakes are fixed for two types of fishing - industrial fishing and for the implementation of aquaculture (commercial fish farming).

According to Kuzmin, fixing of lakes for industrial fishing in our republic is about ten years old and well known among fishermen and amateur fishermen.

Competitions for fixing fishing areas for commercial fishing are carried out on a historical basis. That is, the advantage is enjoyed by those legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who previously carried out industrial fishing in the areas located in the given municipality and the money offer is a secondary criterion in the evaluation of the comparison of bidding documents, the press service of the head and government of Yakutia informs.