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The frost is intensifying - Emergency services of Yakutia

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Severe frosts have come to most of the territory of Yakutia. At present, according to the information of the republic's Hydrometeorological Center, in 19 populated areas, the temperature is recorded below -45 degrees; the lowest temperature is in Verkhoyansk (-53 degrees Celsius).
And the temperature in these places in the next 24 hours may go down.

Windless calm is in most of settlements of the central, eastern and north-eastern part of the republic. According to the website of Hydrometeorological Service - moderate snow in the Arctic regions, local snowstorms in the north, north-west wind of 14-19 m / s, in the Ust-Yansky district it is up to 17-22 m / s, in Bulunsky - up to 20-25 m / s.

In the south, south-west - a little snow, no significant precipitations in the rest of the territory, local frost fog. The temperature is -43-48 at night, on the other side of the Lena River it is -51 ° C at night, in the northeast it reaches -54 °, in the daytime -40-45, in the northeast -46-51. In the south-west, south, north at night and day -30-35, when clearing -38-43, on the coast -20-25 °.

In connection with the lowering of the air temperature on the territory of the republic, the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation in Yakutia reminds residents and guests of the republic of the security rules in the period of severe frosts.

Source: Якутск.ru
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