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ALROSA will establish Single Environmental Center

  • Published in Nature
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ALROSA, the world’s leading diamond producer, centralizes the work of environmentalists of its structural divisions, creating a center that, among other things, will develop the Company's environmental strategy.

Today, the management of environmental projects is not centralized, in the structural divisions of the Company environmental issues are supervised by different specialists. ALROSA pays special attention to this area and is constantly working to improve the effectiveness of environmental programs. One of the steps will be the centralization of the environmental service.

The new center of ALROSA will start functioning in February 2018. Employees from all structural divisions responsible for ecology and environmental protection will be transferred to this center. The Environmental Center will assume a wide range of functions: the expansion of the boundaries of industrial environmental monitoring and the risk-oriented approach, the introduction of a geo-information monitoring system and the creation of an analytical database for the Company, the unification of rules and the formation of common approaches to solving problems in the field of environmental protection. The new structure will develop an environmental strategy for further integration into the overall development strategy of ALROSA.

"Independent experts today confirm the high level of environmental responsibility of ALROSA and information openness. We are proud of the high ratings and will continue to improve the work on environmental protection. The Company itself sets ambitious tasks in this area - reducing water consumption, transition to alternative sources of energy supply, reduction of CO2 emissions, formation of recultivation funds, and standardization of processes. The establishment of the Center will allow to achieve higher target and planned environmental indicators on a new qualitative level, to switch from passive response to active anticipation, will create a personalized focus on the result,” noted Deputy Chief Engineer of ALROSA on environmental issues, nature protection and work with indigenous people Polina Anisimova.

In 2016, ALROSA allocated 5.5 billion rubles to environmental protection measures, the total expenditures for these purposes from 2012 to 2016 exceeded 27.5 billion rubles. In particular, in 2017, within the framework of Year of Ecology in Russia, the Company implemented two large projects in Yakutia. One of them is the construction of a site for the re-injection of quarry and drainage waters into the West Rift. The network of injection wells and drainage allow pumping highly mineralized waters from the Internatsionanyl mine to the Metegero Ichersky aquifer complex, thereby protecting the soil and vegetation layer and water resources on the surface. The second project is the reconstruction of treatment facilities in Udachny with a capacity of 15,000 cubic meters per day.