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Residents of Yakutsk Purchased Environmentally Friendly Products at the "Zhivoye Serebro" Fair

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Landowners of 12 settlements of the Kobyaysky district have presented their production at the “Zhivoye Serebro” (“Live Silver”) trade fair. The exposition took place at Ordzhonikidze square in Yakutsk as part of the popular festival "Zima Nachinayetsya s Yakutii” (“The Winter Begins with Yakutia").

Goods producers and country farms offered furs, famous nidzhili carps and various freshly frozen berries to residents and guests of Yakutsk. Meat production was presented as well, such as beef, foal meat, pork, carcasses of hares and wood-grouse.  Dairy products enthusiasts could find oil, cottage cheese, sour cream and kefir.

The yakut traditional “munkha” games for prizes of the head of ulus Ignatiy Spiridonov took place along with the fair. Men of different age have participated in mass competitions in force and dexterity. The power competition of pulling 400 kilograms of carps became a spectacular attraction. This year northern landowners were not chosen accidentally. Today the Days of the Kobyaysky district in Yakutsk come to an end. They have passed in line of the 80 anniversary celebration of the area from November 29 to December 2. The plan of these days included an extensive cultural program, a fair and official events in which the set of the agreements aimed at the development of the area has been signed.