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American Scientist Has Presented the Permafrost Research Results in Yakutia

  • Published in Nature
Results of the research include temperature monitoring of the top permafrost layer collected with the assistance of school students and teachers from the Russian Federation, the USA, Canada and Mongolia.

"The main goal of this international project is installation of devices on measurement of temperature of permafrost with participation of school students from the countries of the circumpolar world. It allows to involve local communities into comparative researches of permafrost degradation. Since the beginning of the project in 2006 me and my colleagues have managed to visit 500 schools and to involve about 50 thousand school students of the circumpolar world countries", - professor of the Alaskan university in Fairbanks Kendzhi Yoshikava has noted.

Implementation of the program was started by professor Yoshikava in 2006 with installation of devices in several schools of Alaska. In 2007 similar stations appeared in Scandinavia, Mongolia, Canada and Russia. In Yakutia the project is supported by the department of North maintaining NEFU and Institute of permafrostology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.