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Khaarchaana Bear Is About to Be Moved to Saint Petersburg. The Cage Has Been Closed

  • Published in Nature
In the "Orto Doydu" zoo the open-air cage with polar bears has been closed due to preparation for transportation of a female bear cub called Khaarchaana.

"The exposition "Polar bears" is closed due to preparation for transportation of a bear cub Khaarchaana. Now the she-bear is getting used to the shipping cage. It is a new place for her that’s why she sniffs and attentively studies it. Khaarchaana has to get used to her shipping cage to have a smaller stress when transportation will start. A toy which the tourist from Japan Chikhiro Kaneko has brought especially for Kharchaana will fly along with the bear to Leningrad Zoo", – it is said in the statement.

On November 30 Khaarchaana will be one year old. She is the first cub of polar bears Kolymana and Lomonosov. At the beginning of December 2017 the bear cub will go to Leningrad Zoo where her grandmother and Lomonosov's mother Uslada lives.