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Autotours across the Arctic winter roads have been launched in Yakutia

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The travel agency "Visit Yakutia" has started two-week tours across winter roads from Yakutsk to Tiksi and the coast of the Laptev Sea.

The expedition will cover four areas of the republic. Exciting places have been prepared at each of them for tourists to visit. "Perhaps, the greatest interest for tourists will be attracted by the history of GULAG system with survey … camps" — the director of the company Bolot Bochkaryov has shared.

Thus travelers will visit camps of Yanstroy on the Topolinsky winter road. The winter road is the highway of thick snow which can be exploited only at subzero temperature.

Besides, tourists will be able to get acquainted with culture and life of indigenous people of the North during the meeting with reindeer breeders in the Topolinoye settlement, to ride through the azure ices of the river Adycha, to try their luck in ice fishing on Emanda lake and to visit the world-famous Pole of Cold — Verkhoyansk.

At the end of the trip tourists will see a deserted settlement of gold miners. "At last, they will witness…  the seaport of Tiksi with polar lights" — Bochkaryov has concluded.  Members of expedition will be moving around on the KamAZ car with a special van inside of which are 6 berths and a kitchen. According to creators, this tour was designed for those who have long been dreaming about passing through this route in comfortable conditions. The car will be accompanied by an all-terrain vehicle for safety. The trip will cost from 290 to 429 thousand rubles per person depending on the number of group members.