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“Caution, Don’t Fall!”: A Strong Wind In The Allaikhovsky Ulus Knocks School Students Off Their Feet

  • Published in Nature
On November 22 in the “Russkoye Ustje” settlement of the Allaikhovsky ulus school classes have been cancelled due to bad weather. A strong wind which appeared the day before reaches 30 meters per second speed.

The wind has started blowing in the second half of the day on Tuesday when school classes ended. The video in which school students are coming back home has appeared on social networks.

"Wind gusts reach 30 meters per second. Day-offs have been announced – neither schools, nor kindergartens work today" - the head of the “Russkoye Ustje “ settlement Sergey Portnyagin has stated.

According to weather forecasts, the wind will weaken only by Friday.