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The lake is included in the list of PAs thanks to schoolchildren

  • Published in Nature

Lake Usun-Kyuol, located in the suburbs of Yakutsk - Tulagino village, was included in the list of specially protected natural areas (PAs) due to a comprehensive study of the reservoir carried out by the 10th grade student of the local school Evgeny Beschetnikov, along with other schoolchildren under the guidance of Svetlana Timofeeva, teacher, and consultants from the NEFU Support Center for Scientific Programs and Grants.

With the help of GPS-navigator the schoolchildren conducted morphometric measurements, proving that the body of water was formed as a result of drying up  of the Lena River tributary – Kenkeme. Measurements by the echosounder have shown that its depth reaches 30 meters in some places, which is not typical for the lakes in the Tuymaada valley. As a result, a bathymetric map of the lake was compiled.

In addition, studies were conducted to determine the chemical composition, temperature, water transparency, plankton collection activities, algae determination, description of flora and fauna, water and coastal-aquatic vegetation, assessment of linear and weight growth, age of species of fish that live in the lake.

A teenager from Tulagino presented the report on the complex studies of the dynamics in the ecological system of Lake Usun-Kyuyol at the International exhibition of research works of students, MILSET Expo-Science International, held August 7-12 in Fortaleza (Brazil). The presented work was awarded a gold medal.


MILSET Expo-Science International is the largest exhibition of research works of schoolchildren. This year, 24 countries took part in it. The organizer of the event is the international organization for the promotion of science and scientific education among young people MILSET International. It unites more than 80 countries and has representative offices in all continents.